"Big Heads & Beats Office Party" at Dival Safety in Buffalo, NY

"Big Heads & Beats" Office Party!


Big Head Cartoon Caricature Art & Entertainment offers a one of a kind party experience that comes right to your place of business!

Our "Mid Day Office Party" brings a Live Caricature Artist alongside a Volume Controlled Drumming DJ playing all the hits! Taking only 2-3 minutes per Caricature we are able to complete between 18-25 caricatures per hour! With multiple artists on staff to service larger companies- and thanks to electronic drumming technology our musical element is totally volume adjustable! Low enough for smaller spaces like kitchens or board rooms and loud enough to service larger event spaces!

Our catering partners are on hand to offer multi level food options at a fraction of the price.  From a full Taco or Fajita bar or perhaps just snack on chips and salsa from Moe's Southwest Grill.  Or delicious theater or bite size pretzels from Nashville Soft Pretzel Company!

We even place your company/brand logo on the bottom of every page to ensure your clients or employees are left with a one of a kind experience and a one of a kind keepsake!

Nashville Caricature Artist Corporate Team Buildingjpg

"Big Heads & Beats Office Party" at Musick City Events- Nashville, TN


Please contact us for pricing & availability!

The Big Heads & Beats Office Party

is available with or without Catering Options.

With numerous Artists on staff we are able to service both small and larger staff.

Group Caricatures also available!